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Exciting News!

German Propshaft & Engineering took over the Tri-Torq Propshaft division of Wadeville Gauteng on 01 November 2011 and will locate the complete operation to Mfezi Business Park, No 20 Bonkenburg Street, Komatipoort, Mpumalanga.

Products & Services

New Products:
  • Wide range available ex-stock
    (Passenger, Commercial, Industrial, Earthmoving, Agricultural and Marine applications)
  • Lloyds certificate with new marine shafts
  • Universal Joints
  • Center Bearings
  • Flangers, Tube Yokes, Slip Joints
  • Gearbox & Differential Flangers and Yokes
  • Complete Shafts
Exchange Shafts
  • Range of popular complete shafts available ex-stock
  • Trucks (Main and Intermediate Shafts)
  • Passanger Vehicles (Single and split shafts)
  • Taxis
  • Analysis of design faults
  • Recommendation for improved designs
  • Modifications of shats according to improved design
  • Upgrading of 4x4 shafts for non-standard use
Repair and Balancing:
  • Passenger, Commercial, Industrial, Earthmoving, Agricultural and Marine shafts
  • Strip, clean & sandblast of all components
  • Inspect & replace worn components
  • High quality MIG components
  • All repaired shafts are spray painted to provide a superior finish
  • Balancing of repaired propshafts to specification (up to eight meters)
  • Computerised balancing with printed reports
  • On-car balancing for special applications (passenger vehicles)
  • Balancing of flywheels and pressure plates
Industrial Propshafts:
  • Complete new Industrial Shafts available to specification
  • Repair and balance of Industrial Shafts to 200,000 NM
Special Services:
  • Check angle set-ups on commercial vehicle drivetrains, and adjust for optimum performance
  • After-hours breakdown service